Top 10 Best Canadian Beers

Canadian Beer


10) Molson Canadian is Canada’s best selling domestic beer. A premium lager that is cheaper than most premium beers it is also widely drunk outside of the Canadian boarders. Most drinkers can appreciate Molson Canadian’s crisp taste however there isn’t really anything that sets it apart from most other beers.

9) Kokanee is British Columbia’s best selling beer and is widely bought by University and College students who are new to drinking. Kokanee is a very smooth light tasting beer that can be enjoyed by practically anyone – even people that don’t like beer typically.

8) Mill Street Tankhouse is a pale ale brewed in Ontario. While somewhat of a local beer for years it has recently started to get notice as one of Canada’s top products. rates Mill Street Tankhouse at an 8.5 which is a considerable feet for a smaller brewery.

7) Labatt Blue is a polarizing beer. You either love it or you hate it. One of Canada’s oldest brands, Labatt Blue is brewed primarily in London, Ontario but is internationally renowned. In 2003 it won the gold medal at the Monde Selection and is the best selling Canadian beer world wide.

6) Sleeman Honey Brown is one of the best beers to have on a hot day. It is uniquely flavorful with a hint of honey but goes down smooth. The aftertaste is one of the best in the business.

5) Rickard’s Red is another beer from the Molson company. Using a blend of different malted barley the beer takes on a dark red hue. Infused with caramel, it’s sweetness overcomes the typical bitter beer aftertaste for a truly smooth experience.

4) Moosehead is Canada’s older independent brewery. Much like the winner of our top 10 list, it all started in the maritime provinces which leads us to believe there is something in the water. Unlike our previous two entries, Moosehead is just a great tasting beer with no gimmicks. Light and crisp with a ‘beery’ aftertaste, it’s everything we want in a daily drinking beer.

3) Fearless IPA is an extra strong india pale ale with a lot more alcohol than a typical Canadian beer. Most Canadian beers have around 5% abv (alcohol by volume) while Fearless IPA has 6.5%. Even with the extra 1.5%, Fearless IPA is incredibly delicious. Looking to get drunk and still enjoy your drink? We have a winner! Fearless IPA is brewed by Dead Frog Brewery which came largely onto the scene on a show called “The Big Decision” airing on the CBC.

2) Steam Whistle is Toronto’s pride. Brewed in its downtown location it was voted best beer in Toronto at the Golden Tap awards as well as best microbrewery by many magazines. Steam Whistle is named for the after work Beer Oh Clock. It’s logo should remind you of a factories whistle blowing at the end of the work day which as we know launches Beer Oh Clock!

1) Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale is the winner of our top 10 Canadian beers. Keith’s IPA (Indian Pale Ale) has a lower alcohol level than a typical IPA which may make the super snob turn his nose up but allows for a much larger demographic of drinkers. One of the prides of Nova Scotia, Keith’s is widely available all over Canada and is available in the United States under the name “Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Pale Ale”.


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