Top 10 Beer Life Hacks

beer11) Warm Beer? Gross! Dampen 2-3 sheets of paper towel and wrap it around the body of your beer bottle or can. Stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes and you’ll have a perfectly cold frosty beer. Way better than waiting 40 minutes for it to cool regularly!

lifeh4cks_disposable-cooler-life-hack2) Gone camping and forgot your beer cooler? Put a garbage bag in a beer case with ice and you have a perfectly disposable beer cooler! It has handles too!

3) Got a massive hangover from the night before? Pedialyte is an electrolyte replacement drink that will cure your hangover better than any other so called hangover cure. Pedialyte is meant for children that have diarrhea or vomiting – but hey – it works.

4) While at the beach a good gust of wind will always knock over your beer. Use your shoes as a cup holder. Guaranteed to never waste your beer again unless you forget to take the beer out before you put your shoes back on!

lifehacks_beer_plug_article15) Am I the only one that hates beer without twist tops? I never seem to have a beer bottle opener when I truly need one! For the important times where a bottle opener cannot be found an electrical plug can double quite nicely. Just be sure to dry off the plug before you put it back in the socket!

6) Throwing a kegger? Use the KegWizard to calculate how much beer, ice and cups to buy! Never be the fool that runs dry at 10pm.

7) Want to drink on the go? 7-Eleven big gulp cup is the perfect size to hide a can of beer. Pack the bottom with ice to keep the can cold!

8) If you’re drinking outside on a hot day, fill a plastic glass halfway with ice and let it float in your beer pitcher. It’ll keep the beer cold without diluting it horribly.

9) Fit more beer in your fridge by using a bullnose clip as bookshelf end.

10) If you’re out of conditioner for your hair, a bottle of beer can be used instead. Leave the beer on your hair for at least 2 minutes and it’ll restore a healthy shine. Make sure you rinse thoroughly or your friends will definitely think you have a drinking problem.

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