Top 10 American Beers That Are A Treat For Your Tastebuds

American Beer


Beer is probably the second most loved drink in the world and comes right after water. American beer may not be as world famous as German beers, but nobody can deny that we have some excellent brews and millions of beer lovers. So which are the top 10 American beers? Here is a list based not only on the number of bottles sold but also their taste and feedback from beer lovers from all over the country.

10) Corona Extra. This beer is not made in the US, but since it is the best selling beer in Mexico, we can include it in our American beers list. It is priced a bit higher than an average case of beer and that means its dollar sales are even higher than its quantity sold. Either way, it has been loved by Americans ever since they started importing it in 1979.

9) Ballast Point Sulpin IPA. This delicious 7% beer comes from the California brewery in San Diego. In 2010, this brand won a gold medal in an international festival World Beer Cup.

8) Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale. This beer deserves a spot in our list if not for its unique (and oh so cool) name, but also for its well-rounded taste that has a bit of bitter chocolate and some great roasted malt in its flavor.

7) Victory Braumeister Pils. This German pilsner is really brewed in Downington, Pa. The taste is truly identical to several best German and Austrian beers, perhaps it has something to do with its owner’s degree from the Technical University of Munich.

6) Blue Point RastafaRye Ale. This spicy yet floral brew is made of rye malts and wet coast hops, which together make up a great tasting mixture that we call “beer of the best kind”.

5) Harpoon White IPA. It’s a new beer and only available in 6-packs, yet it is something that is becoming more and more popular each passing year and is already making waves all around.

4) Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. Thanks to using a “Hop Torpedo” to get that special Torpedo blend, there is no doubt that this Californian beer is at the top of its game being loved by many and sold to even more.

3) Samuel Adams Lager. Everyone knows this top selling beer with the blue label. And it shows in sales too, being among the most sold beers of all time. It is no surprise that it is brewed by the largest American brewer, Boston Beer Company.

2) Blue Moon. It looks like Americans love blue labels; this is another blue labeled beer that has made it into our top three. This is a “young” beer, being only 19 years old. And since it is among the more expensive brands, the taste must be exceptional for it has sold more than many cheaper brands.

1) Yuengling Traditional Lager. From the oldest American brewing company Yuengling, this is the strongest and top selling beer. We don’t think there is an American of legal age who hasn’t taken a sip of this delicious, yet affordable beer. It has been a part of many barbecues, birthdays, camping trips, parties and domestic movie nights. Its top spot is well deserved and we are sure Yuengling Traditional will stay at the top for years to come.

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