Random Questions Women Ask Us About Beer

Beer is supposed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage dating back to 9500 BC. The king and his men would have a beer to celebrate their victory at times. As time has past, beer has become less of a boys club with women growing fonder of beers sweet crisp taste.

Women are also starting to be more interested in how beer is made and whether or not it has other uses. Below are a few questions women have asked us about beer.

Why should I pour beer into a glass instead of drinking from the bottle?

Have you ever wondered why some people drink beer directly from the bottle or can while others pour their beer into fancy glasses before downing it? There is a reason for pouring beer in a glass and having it. It is said that pouring beer in a glass gets rid of all the unnecessary gas that would otherwise go in your body. Since the surface area if the glass is larger, it allows for some gas to escape without taking away the taste of the beer. If you have the beer directly from the bottle, most of the gas is settled between the surface of the beer and the mouth of the bottle which makes you consume the gas unnecessarily. Hence, it is always advisable to drink the beer after pouring it in a glass. Plus, it looks better, especially if you are a woman.

How to use beer for hair conditioning?

beer shampooUse a gentle shampoo and shampoo your hair as usual. Instead of using a conditioner, pour some beer over your hair. Let it reach your scalp, keep it on for 5 minutes. You can wrap a towel over your hair during this time. The longer you keep the beer in your hair, the better it nourishes your hair. After a good amount of time, rinse your hair with water.

If you are not a regular beer drinker, you may have a problem with the smell of the beer in your hair for the time it is supposed to stay in your hair. The smell is usually not a problem once you rinse your hair with water. Apart from this, there are shampoos available in the market that exclusively have beer for better conditioning. Both, men and women are known to use beer for hair conditioning! So next time you have a party be sure to save some beer to make your hair silky smooth.

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