Neon Beer Lights – An Unusual But Fun Gift

neon beer lightsChristmas may be coming, or maybe even a birthday or anniversary and you may be panicking and wondering what to buy for your loved one. A slew of ideas jet through your mind, each one discarded as quickly as it arrives. One idea which rarely gets a look in is neon beer lights. It is definitely an unusual gift, but it’s one that can be very fitting, especially for a younger person, or even for someone who is an afficionado of beer.

Neon beer lights have been around for a long time and can be seen adorning the walls of many bars, night clubs and discos all around the world. They come in many shapes and sizes and sport a variety of messages, everything from simply “Open” to “Hey, how’s it Going?” There is a collectors market that is very devoted to the collection and preservation of vintage neon beer lights with great discoveries waiting to be made for avid collectors including guitars, Carlsberg bottles, Coors racing tyres, Italian Peroni signs, Bud Light bar flashes, Brahma signs as well as some very rare neon beer lights including Henry Weinhard. There are also vintage signs such as old German Loewenbrau signs and even the old Miller palm tree display.

If someone you know is opening a business and is struggling for capital, a great way to help them out is with some vintage or modern neon beer lights. Nothing brings out a bar’s character and style more than it’s decorations and ambience and a good quality set of neon beer lights is a great contribution towards that. Who can forget classic scenes from movies such as Cocktail with classic old “Cocktails and Dreams” sign in pink neon? Or the lights in Roadhouse that gave the old bar such a great ambience? Or even better, the lights used in Coyote Ugly to bring about the feeling of a fun, vibrant bar where girls actaully WANTED to dance on the bar for the punters?

Neon beer lights can also be used as great decorations around the home, for example in a bedroom or garage. Nothing will make your kid look cooler to his friends than a funky neon guitar or a cocktail glass picked out in flickering green neon. Your garage can become a tiny bar in itself or simply a place to hang out and shoot a few games of pool with friends under the blue light of a Coors neon beer light. Some people even have them over doors and in porches depending on the type of home they have, while still others use them in personal bars or around their indoor or indeed outdoor swimming pools. If you are a fan of ginger beers, best gift would be crabbies alcoholic ginger beer lights on a fridge.

Whatever the occasion and whatever the purpose, a neon light will always make a good gift or a fantastic addition to your home’s décor. They are becoming more and more popular among the younger generation with some homes spending thousands on decking out their houses like a scene from a movie. Neon beer lights is one of the greatest gifts for the beer lover, no matter what kind of beers from around the world your friends are drinking.

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