It’s Beer Oh Clock Time!


Beer O' Clock


Beer Oh Clock is the time of the day when it’s acceptable for you to start drinking. Of course, much like beer – this time is extremely fluid. It heavily depends on where you are and who you’re with.

Here are our special guidelines to figure out when exactly beer oh clock actually is.

work beer1) During the work week Beer Oh Clock starts at quitting time. It’s completely acceptable to throw off your tie, run to the elevator and grab your first chilled mug of liquid gold.

2) During the work week with clients if you’re really craving a beer during the work day, taking a client out for lunch is one of the few ways to get away with it without looking like a horrible alcoholic.

3) On the weekend drinking can start at Noon. For those in their 20’s without kids may not be awake before noon on a weekend. Those with kids will be counting down the minutes to Beer Oh Clock  from 6am.

4) For Holiday it’s Beer Oh Clock as soon as your company arrives. Dealing with family on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas might seem like Beer Oh Clock can’t come soon enough but it’s important to wait if only to ensure you aren’t totally hammered by the time they arrive.

cottage beer

5) While at the cottage drinking rules strongly mimic the weekend. Beer Oh Clock starts at noon however it’s more socially acceptable to drink more and for much much longer. Beers on the dock and around the camp fire till all hours of the night make the next Beer Oh Clock not near as far away as usual.

6) Vacation is the one time in life where Beer Oh Clock is whenever you want. A morning beer to chase a hangover, a nice cold one on the beach, swimming in a pool while drinking a beer. Any time, place or mode is acceptable when on vacation!

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