Gifts for the Beer Lover

gifts for the beer loverYou might think that buying great gifts for the beer lover would be easy: ‘Hey, I’ll just buy some more beer!” But don’t take the easy way out, there are some great gifts for the beer lover in your life. Beer drinkers have a lot of disposable income and everyone from t-shirt makers to glassware manufacturers realize that there is money to be made by targeting the wallets of beer drinkers. Here is a rundown of some of the best gifts for the beer lover, which are appropriate for nearly any occasion:

Allagash Beer Soap – the Allagash Brewing Company sells a line of beer-scented soaps and shampoos. Because apparently there is some market for people who think to themselves, ‘Hey, I want to smell like beer even after my shower!” The upside is that this is an inexpensive item, perfect for a gag gift. Or to simply wash away the memories of what you were doing while actually drinking beer.

Home Brewing Kit – the only thing better than drinking beer is drinking beer that you made at home. Home brewing kits offer a step-by-step rundown of how to make your own home-crafted beer and while it’s not a fast process, it can be a fun exercise. The downside is that the kits do require some storage space and a bit of care to get the best results. But did I mention nearly free beer? Even better, you can combine one of these kits with some beer-making books to put together a really impressive gift.

Beer-Infused Food – the perfect gift for the person who wants to eat beer while they’re also drinking. Vendors are now selling an astounding variety of beer-infused food items, ranging from sauces and soups to a line of pickles brined in a special hops-infused pickling agent. None of these foods have a strong beer taste, but instead use the beer as another piece of the complex flavor profile.

Beer Tasting Journals – this is a great gift for the hardcore beer enthusiast. The special journal is a handy place to remember each beer tasting or visit to a local craft brewery. Most of these journals even have space for labels, photos and other memorabilia you collected during the tasting.

Beer Of The Month Club – okay, I did say at the beginning of this piece that you shouldn’t just go out and buy some more beer. But this is different, since these plans offer up selections of rare or lightly distributed beer brands. There are several different clubs to choose from in different prices ranges. But the end result is a club that reminds your loved one of your thoughtful (and tasty) gift each and every month.

A Brewing Weekend – some small breweries now have weekend packages you can purchase which feature an entire weekend’s worth of activities for your favorite beer fan. There are trips to local craft beer establishments, a meal or two designed to highlight how beer is best used in food and even the chance to network with like-minded beer fans. Think of it as a Comic-Con for people who love their beer.

All of these items make perfect gifts for the beer lover and who can forget a bottle or even a crate of Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer or even a collection of neon beer lights for the real beer fanatic in your life!

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