Beers From Around The World

beers from around the worldBeer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. It has a well recorded history and a blend that has been modified over time by every country in the world (look no further than Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer for a great example of diversity.) It is prudent to notice that beers from around the world all have different brand names but are most likely made using the same formula. Kronenbier (Brazil), Dominikaner (Germany) and Birra Moretti (Italy) are example of beers from around the world. The highest number of consumers of beer come from Germany, United States, Australia and Brazil. Obviously the list of countries countries consuming beers from around the world is not limited and brands of beer are also ever exponentially increasing with the neon beer lights market in particular expanding.

Beers from around the world are made from four ingredients. They are: water (which accounts for 95% of the beer), Hops (grown in many different varieties) which provides the beer with its attributes of bitterness, flavour, aroma and stability. People in America mostly know how to make one style of beer using these ingredients. However, a professional or experienced beer maker can create up to 75 different styles of beer using just these four ingredients. This is how different beers from around the world are made.

Some of the famous beers from around the world are:

Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout (Japan) – this beer is made by an ultimate fusion of Europe’s beer making machinery with the traditional Japanese brewing methods. This gives the beer a punchy taste. From Kiuchi Brewery, the beer is made creamy with a coffee-tinged angle which is apparently based on a Russian Imperial Stout.

The Brewdog 5 A.M. Saint (Scotland) – this beer goes well with a long afternoon football match. A limited number of brewers puncture the heavily and cosy brands of British beer but not with the same degree of quality as Brewdog. It has great brand name and at 55% ABV is one of the strongest beers in the world.

Aventinus (Germany) – Germans are beer lovers. From the aromatic wheat beers to the crisps and clean pilsners, German has made a name for its fine taste in beer production. Bavaria is a strong dark wheat beer and one of the best in Germany. Aventinus is full-bodied and smooth in the mouth and goes well with sausages.

Chimay Red Top (Belgium) – strong and fruity is the best description for this beer. One of the finest beer in Belgium. South of Belgium has tight lipped monks of Forges-de-Chimay, a great place for meditation but for a good night out, this Belgian beer is like no other. Leffe and Hoegaarden are also famous in Belgium.

Krusovice Lager (Czech Republic) – this beer name dates back to 1517. Emperor Rudolf II bought Krusovice brewery in 1581 after he was impressed by the taste of this lager and the royal stamp made sure it quality never fell short over the centuries. Most tourist recommend this beer after a visit to the Czech Republic.

Bohemia (Brazil) – the last in the list of great beer is Bohemia from Brazil. Mostly consumed by the avid football fanatics in Rio, Bohemia has earned its place in history. It’s cheap and served while cold in a big bottle. It goes well with an evening view over the favelas or over an Saturday football match. As the famous Billy Currington song goes, “God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy”.

All of these blends make ideal gifts for the beer lover!

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