Beer Health Benefits – Need A Reason To Drink?


Most of us started drinking beer because it’s delicious but did you know that beer has many health benefits? There truly is no better a feeling than cracking open a beer at the end of a hard week, putting up your feet and just relaxing (unless you have kids). That beer however might be doing a lot more than just relaxing you.

Is your wife or husband harping on you for drinking beer? Use these 6 beer health benefits to quell their squabbling.

automotivator_beer-loves-you1) Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis – Most beers contain high amounts of silicon which is a known substance for slowing bone thinning. Lighter beers contain more silicon and therefore help more. One in three women and one in five men will fracture a bone because of osteoporosis.

2) Beer boosts ‘good’ cholesterol – You may have heard that a glass or two of wine can help stave  of heart disease. The same goes for beer. It’s actually the alcohol in the wine or beer that increases HDL cholesterol levels. This type of cholesterol helps clear your arteries of buildup which in turn greatly reduces your risk of heart attack.

3) It keeps you regular. Yup – we’re talking about poop. Beer contains a lot of fiber. In fact, a liter of beer contains approximately (depending on the type of beer) 20% of your recommended daily fiber intake. Perhaps next time you’re suffering and praying to the porcelain god for your next bowel movement, you should just go crack open a beer.

4) Reduces Stress – This is more of a mental benefit than a health benefit. Alcohol reduces the body’s physiological stress response (which is typically all we actually care about) however  alcohol is extremely hard for the body to digest and therefore puts your body under considerable stress. Ever wake up after a good night of drinking and wonder why your body hurts so much? It’s because your body has been working overtime to get rid of that alcohol.

5) Vitamins – Beer is truly a drinkable multivitamin. It contains high amounts of B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, niacin, riboflavin and protein.

6) Reduced risk of strokes – Beer thins blood which prevents the formation of blood clots in the brain. Because of this, non-drinkers have a higher risk of stroke than that of someone who regularly drinks. A word of caution however as heavy drinking can lead to brain degeneration.

It’s worth noting as always, beer is always best consumed in moderation. Most of these beer health benefits are non existent of too much is consumed.

These beer health benefits are only meant to encourage moderate drinking.


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