8 Beer Accessories You’ll Love

We’ve found 8 of the best beer accessories that have been created for beer enthusiasts like you and I.

Beer Handle


Turn your beer can into a beer stein! Tired of having cold hands and wet hands? The beer handle will keep your hands warm and your beer cold! Readily available on ebay and amazon for about $1 each on Amazon, it’s an invention anyone can afford.

Remote Controlled Cooler


If you’re like me, moving isn’t exactly your favorite thing. In fact, moving would rank just above getting shot in the face and just below getting shot in the foot (purely because if you get shot in the foot you won’t be asked to move for at least 3 months). The Remote controlled cooler is for people like you and I that want beer but at the same time want it to come to us!

The Beer Belly


No, it’s probably not the beer belly you’re thinking of. All those extra beers can really take a tole on a man’s abdomen and this product just adds to the problem. Ever gone to a football or baseball game where you have to pay $15 PER BEER? No more we say! NO MORE! With the beer belly you can now hide your beer as a beer gut and enjoy all your sporting events without breaking the bank on overpriced beer. They also make a product for women called The Wine Rack. As you can imagine it’s function is very similar to The Beer Belly only it has the added bonus of making your breasts bigger.

Pill Bottle Can Koozie


A prescription to drink is what we all need. Imagine if our insurance covered beer costs? Until you can find a doctor that’s crazy enough to do it – this should be the next best thing.

Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener


We love hockey and we hope you love it as much as we do! These bottle openers are made out of actual hockey pucks that were used in NHL games. They make a perfect give for any major hockey fan and are a great addition to any bar.



If you’ve been with Beer Oh Clock for a while, you’ll know that we love the Chillsner. We’ve even given a couple away in our article on how cold beer should be. The Chillsner does a fantastic job of keeping your beer cold while not diluting it with ice. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (ever) put ice in beer. The chillsner drops into a standard beer bottle and chills the beer from the inside. It also has the added bonus of locking flies out of your beer while it works!

Beer Aroma Booster


I’ve never tried this one and I’m fairly skeptical. Apparently the Beer Aroma Booster uses ultrasonic vibrations to recreate a proper head on a beer. Most casual beer drinkers aren’t the biggest fan on the head and actually wait till it calms down however all poured beer should have a 1″ to 1 1/2″ head.

Bottle Opener Cufflinks


For the classy gentleman that wants to open his own beer, we present to you this solution. We’ve never tried them but we desperately want to. We imagine that they’ll be lots of torn arms on shirts with angry wives somewhere near by.


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