American Beer in the Spotlight

American beer is the beer that is produced in the United States. Some could argue that Canada, Mexico and a number of other countries are also located in America, the truth is that when we say “American”, we mean “from the US”.

The nation is famous for their 3,000 breweries that range in size and popularity from industry giants to small brew pubs and many microbreweries. It is one of the most famous countries for beers in the world but falls short to some European countries such as Germany or the UK.

The History of American Beer

American beer has been giving pleasure for over 400 years. The first beer was made of corn in Virginia in 1587. Most beer during this time (because no one wants to drink a corn beer…) was imported from England. Soon English brewers followed their beer as they saw a good opportunity for a totally new and promising market. American beer over the next century became one of the most consumed products in history until prohibition banned the sale, production, importation and transportation of all alcoholic beverages in 1920.  Prohibition lasted until 1933. Beer has continued to grow since prohibition was lifted. By year 2000, 6 million barrels of beer were produced by over 1,500 breweries and by the year 2014, the number of breweries has almost doubled and is reaching 3,000.

American Beer Todayamerican

Beer hasn’t always been among the most popular drinks in the US, however it is gaining more and more popularity nowadays as the quality improves and new, better recipes are used. Beer in the US is sold for a reasonable price, even comparable to water! Let’s take the top selling American beer Bud Light. You will be impressed by the amazing taste you get for less than a dollar. Good prices and great taste has made beer more popular than ever.

In many countries, people like to have their own unique tasting beers and Americans have several, some of them include Budweiser, Bush and Yuengling. The average American beer is light, has around 5% or less alcohol and is sold in a can. Beer can be sold in supermarkets and it is allowed to advertise it (unlike in some European countries and even Canada, where you have specialized stores to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages).

American people do love their beer, the numbers show that around 28 gallons of beer is consumed per capita each year and only China beats the US in total consumption. American lager is the most common type of beer and other more loved styles are American IPA, American Pale Ale and Black IPA.


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